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Amber Dragonstone: Can move rocks  and boulders, cause the ground to open up and assist with crops/farming.

   Dragonstones & Their Meanings

Green Dragonstone: Can move and manipulate water. They also can control the weather/precipitation.
Blue Dragonstone: Has the ability  to heal wounds/ broken bones. 

Red Dragonstone: Can create, move and manipulate fire. They also can create warmth with their hands so as to mend or weld metal.

Pink Dragonstone: Has the ability to connect  with the beasts of the animal kingdom. 
  Pink is a new color found in "The Dragon's Heart." 

Lavender Dragonstone: Has the ability to  sense when someone is in danger and make prophecies/predictions. 
Black Dragonstone: 
 Evil magic

If have read the book, you know what this Dragonstone means.
If not, you will have to read the book to find out! 
Michelle Young has teamed up with designer, Maggie Fatuzzo, to create
 the Dragonstone Jewelry Collection. Show your true inner magic!
 Customize your very own Dragonstone~choose your color and charm/design. 
Earrings & book thongs are also available.
For more information regarding Dragonstones, designs, and prices, 
please contact Maggie Fatuzzo via the Designz by Maggie Facebook page

Dark Mage
Earth Master
Beast Master
Water Master
Fire Master